Sports Science meets practical application in Strength and Conditioning

FASTER Essentials has developed a course with all the content of a normal Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Certificate, and injected it with skills unique to our company

3.500,00 د.إ

Multi-course packages and payment by instalment are available on request.

Course Content Includes:

  • Self evaluation to prevent you from falling for common fallacies
  • The skills to build evidence based decisions like a sports scientist
  • Anatomy taught at a level that will give you physio level movement observation skills
  • Advanced movement assessment techniques
  • Injury prevention from the science not the old coaches
  • Motor skill development techniques based on the latest science
  • Bespoke exercise development techniques
  • Bespoke exercise loading techniques for maximum training transfer
  • Periodisation research based on the most up to date science, including how to find parameters to best manage training load for your clients

On top of this you will get to interact with a community of trainers working with elite sports performance clients and teams.

*You must have a level 3 relevant fitness or coaching qualification to enroll*

We support you 1-1 on Zoom, Whatsapp and text

Although the course has a comprehensive set of videos and ebooks to support your learning, we also want to make sure you are supported in an interactive way. You will have a 1-1 mentor who will support and teach you bespoke lessons, you will also get assessed 1-1, so that you do not have to worry about making a group assessment day, or being held up waiting for assessment days.

Payment Plans

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